August 2014 Posts

  • Sustaining Boulder’s 140-Year-Old “Innovation District”

    Boulder’s model of sustainable living and business development has now become a prototype for economic vitality nationwide. “Innovation Districts”, and “WalkUPs” (Walkable Urban Places) are becoming the entrepreneurial spaces of tomorrow: livable, walkable, collaborative spaces that foster innovation. Now we face a new challenge: how to sustain our own success model.

  • The Millennials are Coming!

    According to recent studies, Millennials—those born (roughly) between 1982 and 2003—will have major impacts on our business community. These impacts will affect how we implement the Innovation Blueprint 3.0 and other community initiatives, such as Better Boulder. Although Boomers and Gen X-ers may be primary designers of these initiatives, their ultimate success will rest with the Gen Y-ers who will implement them.