October 2014 Posts

  • Teaching Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs

    CU-Boulder is celebrated as one of the nation’s best universities for preparing tomorrow’s entrepreneurs. Read how the university’s Deming Center for Entrepreneurship helps teach vital entrepreneurial skills and prepare students for the real world.

  • The Nature Of Innovation

    Nature has been innovating for billions of years. Businesses can learn from Nature through Biomimicry, a growing model for organizational innovation.

  • The Need for (Internet) Speed–Update

    Passing City of Boulder Ballot Item 2c would allow the City to pursue options for deploying ultra-fast Internet. Ultra-fast connectivity would help unleash the power of tools such as cloud computing and large-scale data analysis to help organizations and our society. It would also help Boulder maintain its position as a leader in innovation and entrepreneurship.

  • BEC Economic Highlights: October 2014

    The Boulder Economic Council (BEC) has just posted its latest highlights for economic indicators for the quarter ending August 31, 2014. Overall news is very positive for the community.