Holiday Giving: A Message From The Big Red F Group

December 21st, 2014

Remembering Those in Need at the Holidays a Boulder Tradition

Editor’s Note: Since 1994, Dave Query and the Big Red F Restaurant Group have created some of Boulder’s and the region’s most eminent dining venues. They’ve helped establish Boulder’s reputation for fine food and hospitality. But Dave has also established a reputation for giving, and as many people celebrate the holidays at places like his, we asked him to share his thoughts during this season. This special gift card, which includes a food bank donation, can be purchased at their website



“2014 coming to an end marks our 20th year of serving you at our group of restaurants. It has been our goal since the beginning to show up, and support those who support us:  Our communities. We pledge our time and efforts towards the many charities and non-profits that we support in an effort to make our communities stronger, and to help those who truly need it. We don’t keep score and post a tally; we lean towards humility when it comes to all that. Show up, do good work, and shut up about it. That’s the way to do it.

“As this year comes to an end and we start to look towards 2015, all of us at Big Red F would like to ask you to consider your plans for giving to charities and non-profits this next year. There are many, many ways to help the groups in our communities that need financial assistance, but it first takes the community members making the claim that they are there to help. Be it an afternoon of volunteering with the family, or a longer more involved commitment to really affect change, it’s an amazing opportunity to support our fellow citizens and to make our pieces and parts a stronger whole.

“We hope you have a fantastic and relaxing holiday season. And we hope this next year that all of us will continue to dive in, not dip a toe, to help charities and non-profits come closer to reaching their goals this coming year.”

Dave Q

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