August 2015 Posts

  • Will Robots Take our Jobs?

    More and more concerns are being raised by the potential for “robots” with artificial intelligence (AI) to take jobs now occupied by humans. It’s turning out to be a complex issue. In fact, in some cases we might prefer to have robots doing the work, as in Boulder’s Stratom robotic-based solutions for clearing explosive devices.

  • The Rise of Boomer Entrepreneurs

    We typically think of startups as being driven by young, dynamic forward-thinkers. Many are, but increasingly, many are being driven by gray-haired, dynamic forward-thinkers. Hear past Esprit Entrepreneur panelist Sue Kunz describe this trend, and read more about how Boomer Entrepreneurs are becoming a force.

  • Women in Business: Some Personal Boulder Experiences

    We continue to see mixed news about progress for women in the business world. Some Boulder women business leaders share their own experiences. Despite recognizing that issues exist, they’ve found success through determination and applying business savvy.