Team Boulder is an affiliation group of people who are interested in sustaining and enhancing Boulder’s economic vitality. Spearheaded by the Boulder Chamber, Team Boulder members can keep informed about or join in community efforts through the Innovation Blueprint 3.0  by filling out our “Join Us” contact form on the Get Involved page. We’ll keep members up to date on what’s happening with special email announcements and/or through the Innovation Blueprint Website. Members can also volunteer to participate in specific opportunities or provide their perspectives on issues related to Boulder’s economic development.

The Innovation Blueprint Website is the primary source for information about the Innovation Blueprint 3.0 and related activities. The Boulder Chamber curates the content. The Chamber intends the blogs and other materials to be both informative and thought-provoking. We invite guest blogs, responsible comments from our readers, and suggestions for other materials. We hope to stimulate community dialogue about the important issues as we seek to maintain and strengthen Boulder’s position as a global leader for innovation and entrepreneurship.

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